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Embracing Poverty

Helping the poorest peoples of the developing world

How does Franciscan Aid Work?

Franciscan Aid is the family charity of the Third Order, Society of St Francis, Province of the Pacific.

Franciscan Aid works through Franciscans on the ground across the developing world to relieve poverty and advance education in the world’s poorest countries when the needs may not be covered by agencies.

The needs of individuals and organisations are put forward by Franciscans of the First and Third Orders to the Trustees of Franciscan Aid. The effect of a grant is monitored by the sponsoring Franciscan locally directly or through a trusted source, and by the Trustees through reports back.

FA is entirely funded by tertiaries, managed by tertiaries and monitored by First and Third Order Franciscans.

More about Franciscan Aid can be found on this website:


Franciscan Aid Newsletters

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