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Tai at Eucharist for Convocation

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Convocation 2022

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Convocation 2022

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Convocation 2022

Preparing food in the kitchen

Study Week Food Prep

Sarah Hart and Blair Matheson cooking dinner during study week at St Isaacs

Woman reading at table with Cross

Extra Reading

Bronwyn Emson studying during study week at St Isaacs

Reading together

Hard at work

Franciscan study week at St Isaacs 10-14th May 2021

Enjoying Dinner Together

Meal Time

Well fed minds and bodies

Melanesia group with melon

JPIC in Melanesia

Collective dinner

Awesome Meals

As always gathering in community sharing over meals is a highlight

Statue of St Francis

Statue of St. Francis at Assisi

Assisi Church Alter

Chapel Near Assisi