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About Franciscans International

Franciscans International (FI) is a non-profit, international non-governmental human rights organisation established in 1989. Its staff consists of professionals of diverse backgrounds working to translate grassroots voices in human rights advocacy action at the United Nations level. Franciscans International seeks to promote and protect human rights and environmental justice.

Latest news from Markus Heinze

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Throughout 2019, we were delighted to meet many of you in Geneva, Rome, New York as we celebrated the thirty-year anniversary of Franciscans International. We are also grateful and encouraged by the messages we received from those that were not able to join us. With this anniversary booklet, we want to thank you very much for all the support that you gave to Franciscans International.

The booklet tells stories of struggles and achievements that were possible thanks to many of our Franciscan Sisters and Brothers working at the grassroots level as well as those working in the different FI offices, including our committed staff.

In these challenging times caused by the coronavirus, we also don’t want to forget the countless people that suffer of injustices and violence and whose dignity is not respected. At FI we continue to be in touch with Franciscans and other partners at the grassroots and we have already released statements on Covid-19 and human rights as well as Covid-19 and its intersection with extreme poverty and environmental justice.

You can download the booklet using the links below in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. We also encourage you to share it widely with anyone you feel might be interested in our common ministry.

Together, we will continue our work for peace, human dignity, and our common home.

Peace and All Good,

Markus Heinze Ofm

Markus Heinze OFM
Executive Director

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